Proud to be Asian On Campus – Alpha Phi Gamma

These are not your typical sorority girls. Sure, they joined for similar reasons. They were looking for a sisterhood, for girls who could get along with and had a lot in common. They still want to have a good time and make lasting memories on campus, taking pictures in their greek letters, talking about boys, crying about boys, always confiding in each other. But they’re also sisters in a cause.

Alpha Phi Gamma, or A Phi G is the first and only Asian-interest sorority on campus. I sat down with Vinita and Vien, two of the eight active members this semester. One of their main goals is to create a voice for Asian and Asian-American women at Mizzou, something Vien says is an “ongoing process.”

“As a smaller sorority, people take us for granted, so we get ourselves out there,” Vien said, the current A Phi G president. 

Their events include fundraising for their philanthropy, the National Coalition of Domestic Violence, and participating in the many events put on by fellow minority organizations throughout the school year.

Vinita, the New Member Chairman, says creating a voice for domestic abuse victims is part of their job to raise awareness.

“Asian women need a stronger voice. As a part of A Phi G, we need to cultivate awareness. Working with the National Coalition of Domestic Violence is just one way we can do that in college. Especially being in a sorority — and being women — we are giving these women a voice,” Vinita said.

Altogether, these sisters band together under three stereotypes and the mission to fight against them. In today’s society, they have three strikes against them already: 1) They are Asian or Asian-American 2) They are women 3) They are Greeks. All three, regardless of what excuses are made to defend them, have negative connotations. This is why Vinita says this is what A Phi G stands for: breaking stereotypes and showing that there’s more to Greek-Life.

For more information, visit the Alpha Phi Gamma – Mizzou website or contact Vien at

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