Landon Donovan Celebration Campaign

October 2021 was a historic time for the LA Galaxy and American soccer as the Galaxy launched a successful series of multimedia content, highlighted by the unveiling of the Landon Donovan statue in Legends Plaza and Donovan’s induction to the Ring of Honor.

I had the honor of spearheading all video content, collaborated with a contracted illustrator on a unique animated series, and coordinated the first-of-its-kind Landon Donovan Photo Experience in coordination with the LA Galaxy’s photo team.

Producer / Director: Barbara Maningat
(US Soccer video credit for archive highlights)
Shooter / Producer / Director: Barbara Maningat
(Utilized footage from four videographers)
Producer / Animator: Barbara Maningat
Illustrator: DaMasso Sanchez
Producer / Animator: Barbara Maningat
Illustrator: DaMasso Sanchez
Producer / Animator: Barbara Maningat
Illustrator: DaMasso Sanchez
Producer / Animator: Barbara Maningat
Illustrator: DaMasso Sanchez

2021 Community Kit Campaign

From Pico Union to Hawthorne, Habor City to Gateway North, I led a team of creatives to produce a video campaign that authentically highlighted some of the LA Galaxy’s community partners and fans, launching the team’s 2021 Community Kit.

This video series eight-part video series teased the striped pattern and color palette of the new kit as Easter eggs within each edit. I ideated the storylines, shot, edited, and produced these vignettes.

As part of this multimedia campaign, I also collaborated with creative production company Ataboy to pay homage to the LA Galaxy’s fans with an illustrated film, “Amor Eterno”.

“Amor Eterno” made the 2021 Clio Sports Shortlist

Creative Direction: Barbara Maningat, Kurt Stoffer, Adam Serrano
Director / Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh
Senior Producer: Rasha Clark
Design / Concept Art: Shantanu Verma
Animation: Shantanu Verma, Mayukah Goswami, Juan Jose Diaz Montoya
After Effects Compositor and Color Grade: Adam VanDine

The Pride of East Los

It was an extreme honor to lead a team of content creators in producing this video feature on a homegrown player who has taken so much pride in his LA roots. Efrain Álvarez is an LA Galaxy Academy product who went pro at 16 years old, and two years later has scored his first MLS goal and is turning heads on the national level. What was most beautiful to me about this piece was experiencing the comfort Efra had in his legacy. He not only knows where he came from, but respects it and his family so much that he carries that with him in his desire to be the best.

“Not a lot of kids have the opportunity and luckily, I got one and I made it happen.”

Telling his story has innately been a journey as well. We started this project more than a year ago – and with changes in staff, his El Tri call-up to the 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup and the worldwide COVID-19 shutdown – we were finally able to produce this project in September 2020.

Every clip had a purpose, every soundbyte was carefully selected to offer greater depth to the overall edit. It was a priority to me to incorporate nat pops as well, allowing the piece to breathe and the words of Efra and his parents to have time to sink in a bit. I wanted to keep the pacing chilled, almost to reflect Efra’s diction and vibe.

Shot on Canon EOS R RF 24-105mm F4 L,
Canon EOS R5 RF 50mm F1.2L, Sennheiser ME 66/K6 Shotgun Microphone

#BlackLivesMatter Peaceful Protest – Manhattan Beach

Hundreds gathered at the Manhattan Beach Pier to participate in a peaceful protest against systematic racism on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. A small group of local high school students organized the midday rally, drawing dozens of families. Attendees listened as speakers shared their pain, cries for change, prayers and messages of hope, then marched down The Strand to the Hermosa Beach Pier.

Photos were taken to document this historic time and help spread the #BLM message.

Canon EOS R, RF 24-105mm f/4 L

  • 200602_BLM-0995
  • 200602_BLM-0967
  • 200602_BLM-1054
  • 200602_BLM-1090
  • 200602_BLM-1117
  • 200602_BLM-1208
  • 200602_BLM-1279
  • 200602_BLM-1301
  • 200602_BLM-1320
  • 200602_BLM-1365
  • 200602_BLM-1374
  • 200602_BLM-1471
  • 200602_BLM-1397

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