#BlackLivesMatter Peaceful Protest – Manhattan Beach

Hundreds gathered at the Manhattan Beach Pier to participate in a peaceful protest against systematic racism on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. A small group of local high school students organized the midday rally, drawing dozens of families. Attendees listened as speakers shared their pain, cries for change, prayers and messages of hope, then marched down The Strand to the Hermosa Beach Pier.

Photos were taken to document this historic time and help spread the #BLM message.

Canon EOS R, RF 24-105mm f/4 L

  • 200602_BLM-0995
  • 200602_BLM-0967
  • 200602_BLM-1054
  • 200602_BLM-1090
  • 200602_BLM-1117
  • 200602_BLM-1208
  • 200602_BLM-1279
  • 200602_BLM-1301
  • 200602_BLM-1320
  • 200602_BLM-1365
  • 200602_BLM-1374
  • 200602_BLM-1471
  • 200602_BLM-1397

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