2021 Community Kit Campaign

From Pico Union to Hawthorne, Habor City to Gateway North, I led a team of creatives to produce a video campaign that authentically highlighted some of the LA Galaxy’s community partners and fans, launching the team’s 2021 Community Kit.

This video series eight-part video series teased the striped pattern and color palette of the new kit as Easter eggs within each edit. I ideated the storylines, shot, edited, and produced these vignettes.

As part of this multimedia campaign, I also collaborated with creative production company Ataboy to pay homage to the LA Galaxy’s fans with an illustrated film, “Amor Eterno”.

“Amor Eterno” made the 2021 Clio Sports Shortlist

Creative Direction: Barbara Maningat, Kurt Stoffer, Adam Serrano
Director / Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh
Senior Producer: Rasha Clark
Design / Concept Art: Shantanu Verma
Animation: Shantanu Verma, Mayukah Goswami, Juan Jose Diaz Montoya
After Effects Compositor and Color Grade: Adam VanDine

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