Fund Raising for Japan Eathquake and Tsunami

The Japanese Student Association, along with volunteers, tabled outside of Memorial Union this week to raise awareness and collect donations to benefit Japan’s disaster relief efforts. They sold “Support Japan” T-shirts and cookies, donned in the attire and cheerfully exclaiming the cause to the bustling student body. It was a beautiful day outside, so it seemed like crowds were stopping to take a look at their stand – larger crowds than would stop if it were a more dreary day. Their message: 10,066 people are dead, 17,452 are still missing and 320,000 people have been evacuated. Please help Japanese people whose homes were destroyed, whose children are starving and whose parents are missing.” It’s a chilling and needy statement that Mizzou students are trying to help – from so far away.

If you want to donate or want more information, contact:

Kiwamu Tanaka: 202 Life Sciences Center, (573) 884-3045

Mineo Yamaguchi: 3-11 Agriculture Building, (573) 882-3971

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