AAA – Not for Car Repair

AAA, A3, Mizzou’s Asian American Association is a club organized to promote Asian-American awareness and break down stereotypes via social networking among students. Sounds great, right? But how do they do this — exactly. At one of their bimonthly general body meetings this week, students gathered to go over some logistical information over social eventsContinue reading “AAA – Not for Car Repair”

Proud to be Asian On Campus – Alpha Phi Gamma

These are not your typical sorority girls. Sure, they joined for similar reasons. They were looking for a sisterhood, for girls who could get along with and had a lot in common. They still want to have a good time and make lasting memories on campus, taking pictures in their greek letters, talking about boys,Continue reading “Proud to be Asian On Campus – Alpha Phi Gamma”

Blah Blah Blog – Rants of Asian-Interest Bloggers

The Asian parent: Unemotional, stern, strict and never wanting anything but the best from a child. Take The Gilmore Girls TV sitcom for example. Mrs. Kim was a caring, yet cold mother to her daughter Lane, imposing upon her the highest quality of discipline and appropriate behavior enforced by religion. Lane, however grew up ingeniouslyContinue reading “Blah Blah Blog – Rants of Asian-Interest Bloggers”