The Tablet Takeover Is Here — Let’s Take a Look

View full story on Newsy Blog. The computer world is experiencing a tablet takeover – and the PC world as we know it may be fading away. At least, that’s what the latest numbers show after the first quarter this year. The latest IDC report shows a significant surge of 142.4 percent in global salesContinue reading “The Tablet Takeover Is Here — Let’s Take a Look”

Living in a Smartphone World

Covering a hot topic in the tech world, I researched and wrote this blogpost for Newsy. Read the article on the Newsy Blog. It’s official – smartphones have taken over. The first quarter of 2013 marks the first time smartphones out-shipped feature phones. The latest International Data Corporation report shows out of the 418.6 millionContinue reading “Living in a Smartphone World”